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Don't Cough
on the Sushi

With Ian Martini & Ben Kuntz


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Meet the Hosts

Ian Martini (Pictured Left) - Creator and founder of the MartiniCast. Born in the middle of nowhere New Jersey where men are men and sheep are scared, Ian remembers and trys to forget some of the things he grew up with. When Ian is not Podcasting, he throws on the old tin foil cap and embraces true American Spirit. He spends a lot of time listening to classic rock and jamming to DMX's Roudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Ian also plays guitar and trys to learn as many instuments as possible to become the ultimate man of many talents but master of none.

Ben Kuntz (Pictured Right)- Born in the dying embers of the old universe and cloaked in a brilliant aura of potential and stubborn will, Ben Kuntz worked for many years as a navigator on a spice freighter working the Alpha Centauri system, where he rubbed elbows with Ziggy Stardust and his father Ziggy Stardust Sr.  Ben was instrumental in the galactic war against spice tax tariffs and the Naboo Blockade.  He ascended to Galactic Throne after a messy election and has transcended the need for a corporeal form.  In his spare time he does Improv in the City of Philadelphia, hopes to become a Personal Trainer, and a curious little podcast.




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